Report to Police

What can I report to police?

Unwanted sexual contact is never okay, and certain types of contact are criminal offenses.

In Iowa, sexual abuse is illegal. Sexual abuse can be characterized by any of the following;

  • the victim lacks the mental capacity to know the right and wrong of conduct in sexual matters.  the sexual act is done by force or against the will of the other
  • the consent or acquiescence of the victim is procured by threats of violence
  • the victim is under the influence of a drug inducing sleep or otherwise in a state of unconsciousness
  • the victim is suffering from a mental defect or incapacity which precludes giving consent

If you are not sure whether or not what happened was sexual abuse, the Title IX Coordinator at Central College can help you determine if reporting to the Pella Police Department could be a good option for you.

Central College will pursue an investigation independently, without waiting for any separate criminal investigations or proceedings to be conducted.

As with reporting to Central College, you are always able to have an advocate with you when you report to the police.

Read more legal definitions at Laws in Iowa and Laws Outside Iowa.

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How do I report to the police?

To report to the Pella Police Department, you can call the non-emergency number, 641-628-4921 or call 911 if your safety is in immediate danger. An officer can be dispatched to campus to meet with you. You can also visit the Police Department.

Pella Police Department
614 Main St.
Pella, Iowa 50219

The Title IX Coordinator, counselors, the chaplain, or any Responsible Employee can assist you in notifying law enforcement.

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What happens after I report?

The Pella Police Department works to make sure that their process is centered around your needs. When you let the Pella PD know that you would like to report a sexual assault, they will ask you if you want to have an advocate present. If you have not already spoken with an advocate from Crisis Intervention Services, they will call an advocate, who will arrive within the hour to support you. This advocate is a confidential resource to you, and will not share any information with the police unless you want it shared.

You’ll also be given the option of receiving medical treatment if you have not yet done so. The detective can take you to the Pella Regional Health Center to receive a medical evaluation at no cost if this is something you desire.

You can tell the detective as much or as little as you would like to file a report. The detective will document everything you tell them and keep it as a report. Once you have given your report of what happened, you get to choose whether or not you would like to proceed with charges. You have up to 10 years to file charges after you submit an official report. If you’re under 18, the 10 year timeframe begins when you turn 18.

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