Getting Involved

At Central

Counseling Services
Maytag Student Center, 231
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

As a student, you receive free use of the counseling center. There is no limit to the number of visit you receive for free. If you and the counselor agree it is in your best interest to be seen by a community counseling center, they can refer you.

You can also receive on-campus support from the following groups.

Campus and Community Resources:

Chaplain Joel Brummel
Office: Lower Level of the Chapel, Room 104.
Phone: 641-628-7648
Email: [email protected].

Assistant Dean of Students Kristi Leonard
Office: Maytag Student Center, Student Development Office
Phone: 641-628-5633
Email: [email protected].

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  • Surviving in Numbers: Provides education and empowerment through workshops and storytelling.
  • Know Your IX: Educates students on their school’s obligations to address sexual assault under Title IX and empowers them to take action if their school fails to meet those obligations.
  • End Rape On Campus : Helps students file complaints against their school for mishandling sexual assault reports.
  • Futures Without Violence: Addresses sexual and domestic violence in communities through policy development, educational programs, and public action campaigns.
  • Clery Center for Security on Campus: Works to make schools safer through survivor advocacy and prevention education.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Provides education and resources on sexual assault.
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